Welcome to Bob Stewart Photography.

On these pages you will find a short portfolio of some of my work. My primary focus is B & W landscape photography, though you will find many photos in color here. Prints can be ordered via email. Please contact me about pricing. My book, In Situ, is available at blurb.com.

There are five galleries. Landscapes is just that....occasionally a man-made object will pop up there, but only as part of the scenery. Man-Made consists of objects...buildings, etc. These two are earlier pages, done before I moved to Oregon. West Coast is a collection of photos I’ve taken since moving to Oregon in March, 2015. These include photos in Oregon, mostly, but are also from travels across the country since I relocated to the west. Since I've been here for almost four years now, I've broken the West Coast into three galleries, sorted by year. Some photos don’t neatly fit any category, animals for example. They’re put where I thought best at the time.

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