Bob Stewart Photography

I drove the length of U.S. Rt. 20 in June from Newport, OR to Boston. Many of the photos are from that trip. In the spring we were waterfall hunting, thus the first three photos.
Cline Creek Falls - 1.jpeg

Cline Creek Falls. Redmond, Oregon.

Fall Creek Falls - 1.jpeg

Fall Creek Falls. Stevenson, Washington.

Grotto Falls - 1.jpeg

Grotto Falls. Douglas County, Oregon.

US 20 trip - 1 (1).jpeg

Tetons from Idaho at sunrise.

US 20 trip - 1 (2).jpeg

Three tunnels, western Wyoming along the Shoshone River

US 20 trip - 1 (3).jpeg

Toadstool Geological Park, Nebraska

US 20 trip - 1 (4).jpeg

Iowa sunrise.

US 20 trip - 1 (5).jpeg

Iowa farm road.

US 20 trip - 1 (6).jpeg

Galena, Illinois.

US 20 trip - 1 (7).jpeg

Sunrise over the stadium, Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

US 20 trip - 1 (8).jpeg

Hudson River, Beacon, New York

US 20  - 1.jpeg

Western Wyoming near sunrise.

Arches - 1.jpeg

Sunrise in Arches N.P., Moab, Utah.

Moab - 1.jpeg

Cave outside of Canyonlands N.P., Moab, Utah

Mt.Evans - 1.jpeg

View from Mt. Evans, Colorado. 14,100 feet ASL.

Sisters - 1.jpeg

The Three Sisters. 50 miles east of Bend, Oregon.

Newport - 1.jpeg

Newport, Oregon

Newport - 1 (1).jpeg

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon.